Our coaches drive real change
and improvement.

All ATD coaches must have
broad levels of experience.

Real world experience

Coaches have several years operational industry experience or as a practicing psychologist.

Coaching expertise

Coaches have 100+ hours of paid professional coaching experience and strong feedback from clients.


Coaches are accredited with one of the international coaching associations and undertake regular professional development.

Higher Education

Preference for coaches with an advanced degree from an accredited university and/or a professional qualification.


Coaches must pass a rigorous vetting process.

Professional Development

Coaches must complete continuing professional development.

Meet the team

Alison Temperley

Alison’s range of clients is broad, senior executives and their teams in large international legal, consulting and accountancy firms including Linklaters, EY and McKinsey, global…

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“Before I pack up and call it a day, I just wanted to let you know you made a big difference in my perspective and overall wellbeing today. I’m leaving feeling lighter than when I arrived. Spot on conversation, no fear to telling me the truth, no time wasted on trying to be a psychologist but really driving me back to a core business conversation, filtering my emotions in a polite way but showing me the pragmatic view of the situation I am in. So, well, just Thank you!”

“I wanted to let you know that I have passed the panel. Thank you so much for your encouragement and support throughout the process. You have the wonderful quality of bringing out the best in people!

“You have been such a key part of my journey. You helped me with my submission which as a standalone document, blew the panel away. I feel I have learnt so much from you and for that I shall be ever grateful.”

“When I first approached you, I felt very much at a career crossroads with no clear (or new) direction forward. Your willingness to engage with me has changed all that.”

“Thank you very much for your time and for the resources – I am looking forward to reading/ watching these. I feel much more prepared and excited to start the new seat, with some very practical tips about how to get the most from it. I will let you know how I get on with implementing your advice.”

“Notwithstanding the support and advice you have given me, one of the most positive aspects of our sessions has been your willingness to listen and provide a platform for me to speak openly (and sometimes probably a bit jumbled) and express my true feelings and thoughts - all without any hint of judgement.”

“You seem to have this innate ability to un-jumble my thoughts and put them in a clear context from which ideas and new directions evolve. As a result, I think it’s fair to say we have both been on an interesting and thought-provoking journey of conversation, and certainly for me, the sessions have allowed me to both better understand my strengths, but more importantly to understand how those strengths could be employed in a fresh career context / direction.”

“Each session we have had, has without exception given me fresh impetus, focus and plan of action for the days/weeks ahead. I would never have had the confidence or conviction to consider a career away from agency prior to our sessions, but now have not only the faith I can take a fresh career path, but the confidence that I have the skills to do so.”

“In summary, your kind offer to support me has been invaluable. The majority of people in my position try to work things out themselves or with friends and family helping - which I am sure is not always a positive experience! It therefore feels very much a privilege to have you in my corner and I look forward to not only the remaining sessions we will have, but to maintaining our friendship and your council as I progress through next chapters of my career.”

“Thanks again – these sessions are so helpful in getting me in the right focus and with the right messaging!”

“Hi Alison, I just wanted to say thank you – not just for today but for the entirety of our course. I’ve learnt so much from you and you have helped me position things in my own mind to be able to work through them much better. Thanks again and look forward to catching up soon.”

Denise Chatterton

Denise has worked in Executive Development for over 25 years, specialising in the area of personal awareness and individual effectiveness. She has worked developing leaders…

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“Before my sessions with Denise, I was reluctant to have an external coach who did not understand the firm. I also was concerned about not having the sessions in German. However, I have very much enjoyed the sessions, which have moved me out of my comfort zone, and have been very useful in helping me prepare my business and personal case for promotion. An external coach with an understanding of the firm, who has expertise in supporting women in organisations has been very valuable.”

“This short email to thank you for the great coaching sessions you are providing! These have been very valuable and I am looking forward to being able to continue working with you.”

“The coaching has been the best part of this programme.”

“I have found these sessions very valuable. Giving me time to talk about my career with someone outside the Firm provided me with an opportunity to be very honest, and then to be clearer about what I wanted.”

“In my culture, I have no one else that I can have these conversations with. I have learnt so much about myself and now feel more confident to go for Partner. I would like more of these sessions please. Due to the benefits that I have gained from these coaching sessions, I am now seeing a local coach each month."

Lucy Close

Lucy has a wide range of expertise in the development of leaders, managers and their teams with over 20 years of international experience. Her work…

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Tami Irokawa McGonigal

Tami is a qualified lawyer who has enjoyed a varied career spanning over two decades starting off in private practice (magic circle firm in London…

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“I am so grateful for all the support you gave me. To be honest, I had little expectation and was very sceptical about the whole coaching thing - I thought it was going to be one of these things which was just going to take up more of my time - which I don’t have - where you get little back. You surprised me. I felt able to tell you openly about what is most important in my development - not just about my professional development but much more. It was just what I needed at the right moment.”

“I have found the course very helpful, actually the most useful of the Business School courses I have attended so far when it comes to career development and career planning. I have very much enjoyed Tami’s style and her insights into holistic career strategy and development. She was able to bring in many personal stories and points of view so the sessions felt very authentic and practical.”

“In the beginning, I had no or almost a wrong understanding of what this coaching might be about. I expected more a kind of “Lesson´s Learned” story from your perspective. What actually came out was even better: a very open two-way discussions in which you “forced” me to rethink some of my positions and ideas only by talking about it or asking questions. Absolutely appreciated!"

“Before our coaching session, I had to struggle with my way to present myself within the firm. Shall I use more elbows? How shall I communicate about my disease? Our sessions in particular showed me simply by way of discussion between the two of us a clearer picture. Further you helped me a lot structuring my business case, in particular by challenging my idea with your questions.”

“Tami, I really thank you for your time, your thoughts and guidance – it was really helpful!”

“I came to coaching with the main objectives of gaining more insights on how to improve myself further, both in business and life and to learn more about myself, my possibilities and ambitions. Having come to the end of the coaching programme I can say that I have met these objectives. In addition, this coaching experience happened in the period of C-19 lockdowns and challenges that we all had to face, both in private and business life. By being around to challenge and question some of the (too) high expectations I was putting in front of myself with having a baby at home while working at the same time, Tami helped me to find the right way through and make the best out of it. Working with Tami was enjoyable and useful experience, helped me to discover causes of certain behaviors and triggered me to further think about my actions and plans. If you have an opportunity to work with Tami I would say you should use an opportunity to ask whatever crosses your mind related to the discussed topic and not to be shy in expressing your opinion. She will be there to listen to you and provide different perspective as well, which can always help to take the right steps forward.”

Vivian Vella

Vivian is an experienced executive coach & facilitator and has been working in the field of organisational development for over 25 years, starting this stage…

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“Thank you for the valuable questions you’ve asked. I really believe in the coaching process. You made me feel I could really open up and felt safe doing so with you.”

“It helped me to have more coaching. So valuable to have a different, external perspective. Space to think. Our discussions have helped me with being a better counsellor.”

“I appreciated having the perspective that my coach provided.”

“Input really valuable, helped me firm up on what I wanted to self-realise, practising my pitch was helpful.”

“The programme has helped me a lot in thinking about my career, given me structure and I feel more comfortable in myself.”

“Honestly speaking I think our first session was very useful and even later I decided to have a coaching session with the local team, that both gave me a chance to go deeper in the understanding the questions I have, so I think that now I’m on the stage of rethinking about everything :-)”

‘Thanks for your flexibility!  Thank you very much once more for the conversion today!”

“Thank you very much for the information. It is very useful. Have a great day!”

Elodie Michaud

After 10 years as an investment funds’ lawyer in Magic Circle law firm, Elodie set up her own business and transitioned into her current role…

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“Working on my personal career transition with Elodie has been a truly rewarding experience. Through tailored coaching sessions and mutual trust, I was able to identify and fulfil my desired goals, and furthermore was able to clearly pinpoint the many steps and actions I can take to reach my full potential.” - Anna P.

Elodie helped fill the gap of natural learning through daily physical interaction by delivering some very focused and highly efficient training sessions, so that new joiners learned quickly how to overcome the complexity of the « new normal » and feel as if they had always been part of the team.” - S. Bernard, Partner at Linklaters

Ian Burnley

A chartered accountant and executive coach, Ian has spent most of his career leading teams and working with ambitious men and women in professional services,…

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“I used the structure (for the meeting with the Partner) and it was really useful. I was able to raise everything I wanted. I felt really positive and in a really good frame of mind. There were clear takeaways too. I will use this in the future.”

“Hi there Ian – very helpful, thanks! Appreciate your tips on the more long-term view”.

“Thanks for the great session today & very helpful summary below. Diary invite sent for 29 Sept, have a good summer!”

“Thanks Ian, I really appreciate it! I will try to take those 3 topics with me - gives me confidence and strength. Exactly what I need…”

“Thank you very much for your time and advice last Friday – I truly needed it. It made me think a lot and I am ready for the re-set. I will be looking forward to checking in with you again on Friday. Have a good week ahead and thanks a lot for your help!”

“Good morning Ian, Thank you very much for our talk yesterday, it was fantastic.”

“Thank you for your email. That’s great to hear that I have access to more coaching. I would very much like to continue working with Ian. @ Ian – a lot has happened since we last spoke, I will explain when we meet. I could very much do with your support, a number of things have changed as I have a Director role, but I’m also about to take my team through a restructure!”

“Thank you for your email. That’s great to hear that I have access to more coaching. I would very much like to continue working with Ian. @ Ian – a lot has happened since we last spoke, I will explain when we meet. I could very much do with your support, a number of things have changed as I have a Director role, but I’m also about to take my team through a restructure!”

“It have been really good to have an external sparring partner, who knew the firm’s setup on a high level, but didn’t know the ‘players’ and internal lines. I then had the opportunity to present my view – without considering if it was politically correct or not – and you could challenge me.”

“You have been good to challenge me and bring in different perspectives to consider. Then between our ‘sessions’ I have been able to reflect and/or try out different advises and then we have discussed that. Overall, it’s been a real pleasure and hopefully I will be selected to the partner panel in the fall – if so I will reach out to you.”

“Thanks for these notes, very much appreciate it (and just used to validate/add to my notes).”

“The coaching has really helped my confidence.” “Thanks for your note and thoughts, it really helped. I had a good break on Saturday with my best friend, felt good to be out of everything….”

“The coaching was very useful and I’m happy that further coaching is available. My next meeting with Ian is on March 26.”

“The coaching has really helped my confidence.”

Manjari Prashar

Manjari is an executive coach and consultant in inclusion & diversity. She believes that the development of intercultural competencies and inclusive leadership styles are absolute…

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Ian Paterson

Ian has worked as an executive coach and consultant for seven years following a successful, and varied career in Professional Services.  This background gives Ian…

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I really enjoyed our sessions – despite “only” 3 times it seemed very personal, helpful and on the spot.”

“For me it’s been also a pleasure to work with you and I am very grateful for all your advices, discussions and professional support I got during our sessions.”

“Thank you for good discussions and your contribution.”

Nichola Jacob

Nichola is a highly experienced facilitator and coach with a business background in the IBA, Logica and PwC, she understands what organisations and in particular…

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“The sessions with my coach, Nichola, had been instrumental in supporting me through some challenges on my journey as I progress with the firm. In the 90-minute session, she is able to ask thought-provoking questions and to propose new angles and tools that I can apply immediately and that have proven very effective for me. Thanks, Nichola!”

“A great closing to our coaching cycle.”

“I’ve been practicing the habit of noting down the “level” of energy and talkativeness I want to bring to some more strategic meetings. I do this as I prep for the meetings, and it serves to get me into a more “intentional work” attitude, rather than full-on auto-pilot. It has been very helpful.”

Kate Lowry

Kate has over 23 years experience working in organisations as an Organisational Development practitioner covering 3 main sectors: Retail, IT and Financial Services. In organisations…

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‘Loved the coaching approach. During the conversations we were able to identify the key areas to work on and they emerged very naturally. The approach fitted my experience and seniority as I have had lots of training in the past and was looking for new things. I have found myself thinking and focussing on key aspects after each call and doing my homework. I feel I know myself better as a result of the coaching.‘

Stephanie de Sarandy

Stephanie’s coaching style is engaging, energetic, supportive and challenging. She has a natural ability to build strong client relationships based on trust and transparency, and…

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“Most important now is that I managed to go through the process this time – I really want to thank you for supporting this journey. I am not sure if I could have made it without you. Thank you for putting things into perspective for me whenever we spoke. That was extremely helpful for me.”

“Today my promotion to partner was announced officially within the firm. I will become a partner of the firm effective on October 1st . I feel happy and relieved having achieved this huge milestone. And I am also very grateful that I had you as my coach during the last year in my preparation for this new role. Thank you very much for your valuable support!!!”

“I just wanted to let you briefly know that I had a very good discussion in my partner panel today. I felt little nervous at the beginning, but managed to smoothly take the assessors through my case without presenting it. Good that we also had a VC dry run in November. ”

“Very, very helpful. Intense, exhausting as I had to think very hard in the moment but the outcomes have been really helpful. So useful to have a mock interview with you prior to my partner panel(s). Although I had other practice sessions, the one with you was different and you encouraged me to think broader and bigger picture.”

Jackie Gittins

Jackie’s coaching approach enables her to work alongside leaders and potential leaders for them to be at their best, playing to their strengths to meet…

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Sally Potter

Her style is sensitive, her approach requiring. She brings 20 years’ expertise leading team work for executives and working one-to-one in executive coaching. Sally works…

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“The coaching sessions were a true, true, help! Before them I had a career plan, but the coaching gave me clarity, order and structure for these ideas so they became realistic goals. For example, gaining visibility, turning my Partner into my sponsor, and finding a mentor.”

“The coaching has given me an important slot in my calendar to prioritise my future and strategies to move towards it. Create time to think about myself. The reality of my present is very full working agenda and an intensely busy personal life. I’ve been challenged to make space for my ambition, come up with ideas that support my goals and put them into practice.”

"In Covid context: “Especially because of the lack of informal contact with my leaders, If I hadn’t had the sessions I would have been bogged down in a completely operational year.”

Veronica Frohock

Veronica blends her analytical skills, emotional awareness and listening skills to provide her clients with a safe space to reflect on their strengths and development…

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“Thank you again for the session today .. it was very good and gave me the chance to reflect on myself from a different angle.”

“Huge thanks for the great session today. It gives me a lot of positive energy and thinking.”

"Hi Veronica, I always fill reenergized and enthusiastic after the coaching sessions with you and today was no exception! Thank you for all your precious insights, and for your follow up email and articles – very useful.”

“I found the first coaching session very engaging and helpful. I completely agree with the coaching goals you put down to the note, it looks exhaustive to me. …”

“Thank you very much for all these elements to think about, they will definitely help me a lot to build and definitely strengthen my case.”

“I got a call that it worked out with the Director Panel. The conversation was super nice - that I am full of energy and they wondered what would have happened if I was in the room. That I am empathetic and really a role model....”

“Many, many thanks for your help and support. I am already looking forward to hearing from you again.”

“I’m happy to tell you that I received a promotion. I will be promoted to Associate Partner on July 1. So thank you very much for the support! Especially for the practice and reading.”

Jeanette Looney

I am an Executive Coach and Organisation Development Consultant, having coached business leaders in the UK and internationally in areas of leadership development, business/performance improvement…

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“One of the most helpful things has been to think about it, to reflect, be confronted with things and by recapping we can encourage things to settle.”

“One of the most helpful things has been to think about it, to reflect, be confronted with things and by recapping we can encourage things to settle.”

“I've found this coaching really helpful it has challenged me to give some structure to my thoughts and it's really empowered me especially through the Adult role I've tried to take. And even when I don't adopt the Adult role I'm aware of it so there's a real consciousness, for example I notice sometimes if I'm with someone who’s a Parent, I recognise what the Adult role might be and sometimes I choose not to adopt it, for the sake of things, and if it's with a client I feel that's okay in the moment. I just let it be. I'm aware of my position in this and it's helped me.”

“I've really valued the structure of putting things in perspective to clarify the ups and downs in my life and career – it’s put in perspective what's important in the crossroads - this structure is really important for me. Just like the framework we discussed today - I think through my values but also bring a real world perspective to it, I can work out better what the primary issue is I'm also looking at things now with the perspective of two Adults coming together, to balance with values and re framing things in a way to have a much clearer view of what I want. It's also helped with the position I have as a leader for my team and my hierarchy. I feel more empowered to state my position on things - This is me, this is what I believe. I can reframe and move forward in my role in this situation with my integrity intact.”

“I really value being able to discuss issues at a very personal level.”

“Thank you very much. I have really learned a lot about how to look at things, analyse situations and notice where I have been missing things, understanding what might be behind what they are saying (in their minds). I will use what I have learned not only for the partner promotion process but also on a day-to-day basis with my teams, to help them with their careers and their own progress and promotions.”

“The coaching was highly practical and gave me some clear tools to help me with the next steps to determine my path to Partner. I have instigated a detailed conversation with my Partner to clarify and agree the path forward, mutual expectations and timing. I also have far greater clarity in my own mind, and this greater specificity on timing and expectations has reduced anxiety resulting from uncertainty and is enabling me to be more focused and intentional in my development planning”.

Anna Wesson

Anna has worked as a coach in a number of global organisations, predominantly in professional services. Most recently she has coached directors at Saffery Champness…

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Liz Archbold

Liz is a coach, mentor and thinking partner. She works with business executives, leaders and future leaders to develop their personal potential and achieve their…

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“A huge thank you… you helped me drive forward … the coaching has been the most efficient way for me to learn, I have changed a lot in this time….our sessions have been more important than any of our other learning initiatives…. through our coaching I have reflected and evaluated my leadership skills, it's helped me get my confidence and work out what’s important to me…. I am much more relaxed now, many difficult things have happened in the last year but I have been able to learn from them and develop… I am much more comfortable with where I am, I’m very happy and I’m relaxed... the coaching has been a really valuable part of that journey.”

Julie Gottlieb

Following a degree in Social and Political Science at Cambridge, Julie worked as a litigation lawyer within an international City law firm before becoming an…

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“A huge thank you… you helped me drive forward … the coaching has been the most efficient way for me to learn, I have changed a lot in this time….our sessions have been more important than any of our other learning initiatives…. through our coaching I have reflected and evaluated my leadership skills, it's helped me get my confidence and work out what’s important to me…. I am much more relaxed now, many difficult things have happened in the last year but I have been able to learn from them and develop… I am much more comfortable with where I am, I’m very happy and I’m relaxed... the coaching has been a really valuable part of that journey.”

Emily Das

Emily has over 18 years’ experience and has worked in HR advisory roles alongside directors and senior managers in large organisations such as PwC, BP,…

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Tara Kent

Tara is an experienced business leadership coach & facilitator who, after a 24-year career with PwC, left in 2017 to work in a freelance capacity….

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“Delighted to hear I can have another session I really valued the session last week , it was a great opportunity for you to coach me through it and help prepare/position myself for the meeting. Provoked a lot of thought post discussion too. Thanks so much for your support!”

“Thank you! My presentation was very successful. I thank you so much, because based on your feedback I really did bring a lot of additional “power” and “fire” into it. Your feedback was very valuable and useful.”

“These sessions have been incredibly helpful – thank you so much for your support”

“I really want to have more sessions – even if I have to pay for them myself”

“Thank you for all of your support”

Linda Bullen

Linda is a chartered psychologist with over 15 years’ experience in organisational development, behavioural change, talent management and coaching. Her experience includes leading OD and…

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“I just wanted to thank you for a great collaboration since we started with our coaching sessions. Your dedicated support and guidance have made a huge difference to me over the course of the last few months, and I really feel you have been there for me cheering me on in my ups and downs – both professionally and personally. Having an external party asking the right questions, listening carefully, and reading my answers back to me in a slightly different way, have definitely enabled me to see myself and my situation more clearly. You have provided me with relevant (and sometimes challenging) guidance and exercises that have made me appreciate the things I have already achieved while at the same time gain motivation and confidence in my own abilities taking the next step with my career.”

Testimonials. From happy clients.


"atd partners asked very good questions and really made me think, they helped me to have an outside perspective on the issues in the organisation and my part in them. I really appreciate what they did for me"

"Alison is a great listener and challenged us a lot. Her style made it easy for participants to open up and discuss their challenges"

"Alison is very professional and able to create a friendly atmosphere that makes people share their views openly"

"Alison was a great help to me; helping me to focus on what is important to me at this moment and in the future"

"Alison presented some very complex ideas in an easy to understand way"

"Alison is an amazing coach and an amazing person, I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for bringing back to life, a part of me, which I had considered dead for a long time"

"I was impressed by how quickly Alison analysed the issues considering she knew us for only a short time"

"Alison was amazing. She created a safe environment for all to share and voice their opinions. She has an amazing ability to read people"

“The sessions have been invaluable for me as a female and as a lawyer (the terms not being mutually exclusive!). While in hindsight a lot of the work we have done and ideas we have discussed seem logical and (nearly) second nature now (and it is difficult to understand why I was not thinking about them before), they certainly were not when I first started the programme. I really do think that is an important point to make to the partners when advocating for this pilot to be rolled out across the A2 group – while the issues/idea we discuss may come naturally to them, to young female lawyers that is not necessarily the case.”

“I can only speak incredibly highly of it. It has completely transformed the way I think about the firm and my career and has been fundamental to improving my attitude and building my confidence.”

“The programme forced me to make a habit of consciously thinking about my career. My highlight/favourite thing was being challenged to take action, not just to talk or think: including stating my ambitions, meeting people around the network, having an ‘elevator pitch’ ready, thinking more deeply about what motivates me and being more alive to issues of perception and impressions.”

“A key highlight from me was being given that time to focus on my career.  To step away from my desk and have some time to take stock and work out where I was and where I wanted to go.  Having regular meetings with agendas which were specifically tailored to our needs really helped this.  The sessions provided an encouraging and supportive environment but also a challenging one – and I really valued being challenged on my behaviour and habits at work.  It was good to have take-aways from every session and it made me focus on proactively changing my behaviour before the next session so that I could provide an update to the Group.  Without that structure, I must admit I would have been likely to keep the time to focus on my career at the bottom of my to-do list.  Particular themes which were really helpful to cover for me included the politics session and those which focussed on confidence and perception. I also really enjoyed the session with the female partners”

“Hand on heart I can say that there was no aspect of the programme that I did not enjoy or learn something from. I would struggle to pick one specific session that was a “highlight” (as they were all excellent), but as a more general comment I particularly enjoyed the open floor/open mic structure Alison and Fran encouraged at our sessions. I felt comfortable to speak openly without being judged or fear that it might be repeated back to my practice area. In this respect, I think it was good that we all came from different practice groups, and are all at different stages in our carer (although all within the same “A2” block). It meant we each had different perspectives and experiences to share and learn from.”

“I appreciated the time and space for reflection. I already had a reasonable habit of doing that but I think our time together emphasised the importance of it.”

“A big highlight for me (and the really unique thing compared to anything else I had done before) was the challenge. The dynamic of a small group and challenging and encouraging one another was really special. It was just fascinating to hear what colleagues (who I had generally known for a while) thought about themselves and how different it was to my own perceptions/other peoples. I was able to use some of those discussions as a mirror to look at myself and say “Are there times when the things you say about yourself sound as ridiculous as these things other people are saying about themselves”

“I found the programme to be both practical and relevant to my level. The issues discussed were the ones A2s like me face (or try not to face!) frequently. The best part was having an opportunity to discuss sensitive issues in an open forum of peers and get different perspectives to the same problem. It made me realise how common (/conventional/normal) the challenges that I face are; and that the only thing different between me and the next person is the mindset with which we are responding to these challenges. I particularly liked the session on business development, taking control, projecting confidence and the session with the female partners of the firm. The best part was getting concrete tips on things that I could do/change to get the results that I wanted.”

“Hearing about the experiences of the other women on the programme (often it put my experiences in perspective and made me think I’m pretty lucky!). I also enjoyed being forced/having a specific time to reflect on what I want from my career and if the firm is able to offer it. It feels a little self-indulgent just thinking/talking about yourself and the programme is good in that it gives “permission” to spend serious time on this.”

“I did appreciate the opportunity to have an open and honest discussion with female associates from other Groups on the issues which are important and relevant for associates of my level of seniority. The programme made me think about these issues.”

“The most valuable part of the course for me has actually been meeting people from other groups and therefore building more of a network across the firm. I therefore definitely think that if the course continues, it should continue to consist of small groups of people representing a variety of departments.”

“Meeting colleagues of a similar level from other parts of the firm and hearing views and experiences from outside my immediate department. Understanding how others (usually men!) approach the role and realising that it is possible for me to take a lot more control over my career and progression.”

"I just wanted to say thank you – not just for today but for the entirety of our course.
I’ve learnt so much from you and you have helped me position things in my own mind to be able to work through them much better.
Thanks again and look forward to catching up soon"