Open Programmes

Integrated programmes where international research and exceptional coaching combine to give you academic rigour, personalised support and challenge. Group coaching, plenary sessions and networking focussed on the challenges and opportunities in the workplace rather than artificial case studies.


Step Forward© Programmes.

Senior Leaders

Designed for high performing senior executives in professional services firms and large scale organizations.

Coaching Programmes

We deliver individual coaching to senior level professionals and outsourced programmes for global organizations.  

Women's Development

We have designed and delivered programmes for global organizations involving over 1,000 women worldwide.

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Step Forward© Coaching Programmes

Designed for high performing senior executives in professional services firms and global organizations.

Internationally renowned and delivered to global organizations in over twenty countries worldwide and to over 1,000 senior executives.

The Step Forward© Coaching Programmes focus on helping individuals to become more effective in the workplace and to move their careers forward, either towards partner or senior partner levels in professional services organizations or at senior leader level within global organizations. The coaching sessions are practical and focus on the issues the participant is facing so that there is benefit to the individual and the organisation they work for.

The Step Forward© Coaching Programmes help individuals work though the following types of challenge:

- Building confidence and personal presence
- How to develop an effective network
- Improving communication
- Preparing a business case for promotion
- The effective management of organizational politics
- Developing financial awareness and skills
- Managing change

The coaching programmes are always designed to meet a client’s specific requirements and can be delivered on location or through virtual engagement, the latter often being used to as the most time efficient method. Our work is international. We are coaching senior executives and partners from all parts of the world.

An integrated programme where international research and exceptional coaching combine to give you academic rigour, personalised support and challenge.

The plenary sessions will give you the opportunity to work with a range of women from different organisations, expanding your network, providing information and setting the context for the group coaching work.

The group coaching sessions use the situations you are facing in your working life rather than artificial case studies. This means that the work you will do is practical and has immediate value for both you and your organisation.

The coaching groups consist of four or five women and a highly experienced group coach. The groups are carefully put together to mix the cohort in the most helpful way for you. These groups are designed to help you explore the key opportunities and issues that you are facing at work with the support and challenge of the coach and learning from the perspective of the other women.

This means that the groups are able to provide you with external expertise, knowledge and experience focussed on your opportunities and challenges. You will be given bespoke tools and techniques and helped to formulate a practical action plan.

Our experience over the decade we have been working in this way is that these coaching groups form close bonds and participants work to support and challenge each other outside the formal programme sessions and after the programme has finished.

Our work is truly international. We design and run programmes for women from all parts of the world.

It is led by Alison Temperley, one of the leading experts in women’s development programmes in the United Kingdom.

Alison will be supported by a team of experienced professional coaches with many years’ experience of running award winning women’s leadership programmes. They combine significant business experience with deep psychological expertise.

The coaches profiles can be seen at

The programme is designed as a series of interlinking sessions to:

  • Understand current research on what holds women back and what you can do about this
  • Examine your network and how you can use it most effectively
  • Enhance your brand - what do people say about you when you are not in the room?
  • Group coaching sessions to explore your opportunities and challenges in depth
  • Networking to ensure that you expand your network beyond your current contacts

Client Feedback

"The programme forced me to make a habit of consciously thinking about my career. My highlight was being challenged to take action, not just to talk or think: including stating my ambitions, meeting people around the network, having and 'elevator pitch' ready and thinking more deeply about what motivates me."

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