Case Study
We provide a case study below giving an example of the programme work we do.

Purpose: To identify and work on individual and organisational challenges within a group creating action plans and a network to share experience, support and challenge.

Experience and scope: Up to six group coaching sessions taking place approximately monthly during a programme. A group size of 5-8 participants is perfect so that they get to know each other well and gain from others in the group as well as the external perspective of the coach. Our experience shows that this is a very powerful way of changing mindsets and behaviour. Often the relationships formed last long after the programme and both the firm and the individuals in the group benefit from these relationships and the learning.

Themes: The following themes have emerged as recurring topics on the coaching programme:

  • Understanding the politics in a professional service firm so that they can engage effectively and efficiently.
  • Mapping their internal and external network so that they can be strategic about the networking they do.
  • Working more broadly on BD so that they are thinking commercially about their contribution to the firm.
  • Helping to improve confidence and combat any imposter syndrome.
  • Thinking strategically about impression management, who needs to know the current truth about what they are doing at work and how can they give that information in a way that is authentic so that it becomes a habit and not a chore. The aim is to ensure that those who are making decisions about the coachee have all the information they need to make good decisions.
  • Thinking commercially.
  • Delegation and motivation of teams and individuals working for them.
  • Managing upwards.
  • Working smarter not harder, and resilience.
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