Meeting Facilitation
We facilitate leadership meetings enabling the chair or leader to focus on the key decisions.
Why would you invest in Board Facilitation?
To ensure a meeting achieves its goals in the time available / To allow all those involved in the meeting to contribute fully / To refocus and enliven meetings that have become stale and unproductive / To ensure that a newly formed group becomes effective quickly and establishes productive ways of working together / To relieve the person running the meeting from having to deal with the ‘process’ thus allowing them to contribute fully / To increase creativity in meetings
Who would benefit from Board Facilitation?
Those who want to get involved in a meeting rather than having to ‘hold’ the process and effectiveness of the meeting / Those planning large meetings / Those dissatisfied with the outcomes of meetings
When would Board Facilitation work for you?
At the planning stage of ‘one off’ meetings / When regular meetings are not achieving their goals in the time available / When a new person is taking responsibility for meetings
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